Scroll Saw Woodworks and Crafts

Updated April 17, 2017

The scroll saw is a small woodworking machine that has a tiny blade and a usually round table. The saw is a tool that cuts intricate patterns into wood. The patterns are drawn onto the wood using a template and then cut out using the saw. The scroll saw is used to make a multitude of projects with delicate or involved details.


When building a small clock or other project that needs detailed decoration, use a scroll saw to make the decoration. This saw cuts small details into wood with careful work. After the project is finished, measure the area where you want to place the decoration. Trace or draw the desired decoration onto a piece of wood that matches the wood used for the project. Carefully cut the design out with the scroll saw and sand the edges. Use wood glue to attach the decoration to the project. If necessary, use small nails to attach the decoration in the thicker sections of the decoration.


Using a scroll saw, a person can create her own wooden puzzles. Pictures from a magazine, a self-draw portrait or even the artistic scribbling of children are all easily turned into puzzles. You can gather a square of wood, plywood or balsa wood and glue the picture to the wood using spray adhesive found in hardware stores. The picture needs to dry before you trace the puzzle lines onto the picture using a thin tip marker or pen. You can draw the puzzle shape onto another piece of paper first to ensure it is the puzzle design you desire. Carefully cut the shapes out of the piece of wood starting in one corner and moving clockwise. Sand the edges just enough to remove any debris but not enough to change the shape of the pieces.


To make a box with decorative sides, design the box first. Designing the box before cutting the scrolled decoration into the sides ensures the decoration is exactly where the designer wants it when the box is finally built. Trace the decorative design onto the wood and then carefully cut each piece. Each piece is sanded after the cutting is done. Pine wood is the best for this type of project as it is a beautiful wood and it is soft enough to cut smoothly.

3-D Snowflake Ornaments

Use Baltic Birch for creating decorative scroll saw 3-D snowflake ornaments. Baltic Birch is a thin high-end plywood that does not warp as easily as regular plywood. The snowflake ornaments are easily made after the scroll sawing by placing strategic cuts into the wood. Cut two 4-1/2-inch-by-4-1/2-inch squares from a slat of Birch plywood. The snowflake design is traced onto the two pieces of wood. Leave the middle of the snowflake design thick and without design cuts. This section is where the two pieces connect. Cut an opening into the middle of one side of each piece to the centre. The opening must be the thickness of the pieces of wood -- not any thicker or thinner -- for the pieces to fit snugly together. You can slide the pieces together by turning one piece perpendicular to the other and pushing the two openings into each other. The pieces can be painted with white paint and glitter. Since no two snowflakes match, you can repeat the process using different designs.

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