Fairytale Fancy Dress Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Fairy tales can be an excellent party theme for kids, and children are often excited to help plan a fairy tale fancy dress costume for themselves. Fairy tales don't have to be just for kids, though. Character costumes can be a lot of fun for adult costume parties, too. No matter who will be wearing the costume, look beyond the obvious choices, such as a fairy tale princess or a dashing prince charming,to find a whole supporting cast of characters to inspire you and dazzle your friends.


Dress as a dashing prince charming in luxurious fabrics -- shirts or jackets made from silk or velvet are perfect. Wear tights and breeches and add big gold buckles to your shoes. A hat with a large feather and a sword make good accessories. Add a humorous touch to identify yourself as a prince from a particular story. For example, the prince from Rapunzel might carry a stepladder. To be the frog prince, wear a T-shirt with a picture of a frog on it underneath your shirt. Dress as a prince but add a monster mask to dress as the prince in "Beauty and the Beast."


Have fun terrorising the princesses by dressing as the Big Bad Wolf. Make or rent a wolf costume and add a pair of glasses, a shawl and a mob cap to look like the wolf dressed as grandma. Alternatively, use a pair of stilts and make a pair of extra-long trousers to dress as the giant from "Jack and the Beanstalk." Carry a bag of gold coins and wield a large fake club.


If you can't resist dressing as a princess, accessorise your outfit to identify yourself. For example, Sleeping Beauty could carry a hot water bottle and a teddy, or have an eye mask around her head, and Cinderella could carry a pumpkin and a toy mouse. Princess alternatives like Goldilocks, carrying a bowl of porridge, are also fun. You can also dress as the Fairy Godmother by carrying a magic wand and wearing a pair of wings.

Wicked Women

There are plenty of wicked women to choose from in traditional fairy tales. Dress as a wicked witch by wearing black clothes and adding a mask, pointed hat and cape. Create an evil stepmother costume by wearing fine clothes but adding harsh, vampire-style make-up. Join up with a friend and come as the Ugly Sisters -- an option that is especially entertaining when it is taken by two men.

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