"GTA-4" Infernus Cheats for PS3

Updated July 20, 2017

"Grand Theft Auto IV" is an open play video game that allows the gamer to play in a nonlinear format. The main character of the game is Niko Billic, an immigrant from Europe who has to complete a series of tasks in fictional Liberty City. "Grand Theft Auto IV" has several cheats and codes that allow the gamer to enhance game play. Several tricks allow Billic to get an Infernus.

Stealing an Infernus

Complete the first two missions in the game to receive a text message from the character Stevie. Stevie will provide you with a list of cars to steal, one is an Infernus. Go to the Pizza Salad restaurant located in Outlook Park to find the Infernus. Drive the Infernus to your safe house and save the game. Return to the Pizza Salad restaurant as many times as you want to take the Infernus again. Do this as many times as you want.

Street Race

Participate in a street race that becomes available after completing the first mission. One of your competitors will race an Infernus and will give you the opportunity to steal it before the race begins. This may take several attempts before another racer competes with an Infernus.

Buoys Ahoy

Participate and complete the Buoys Ahoy mission. After completing the mission, the character Bernie will reward you with an Infernus.


Press the "up" button on the controller twice to bring up Niko's phone and the dial pad. Enter the code 989-559-0550. Dialling this number will spawn an Infernus. Go to the first floor of the airport parking garage, and the Infernus will be parked there.

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