Donkey crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

The Bible references "donkey" several times: Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Passover; Mary and Joseph rode to Bethlehem on a donkey before Jesus' birth, as well. This makes donkey crafts appropriate for Sunday schools and Easter celebrations. Kids can also make donkey crafts in school or at home when learning about the animals.

Donkey Templates

Find donkey craft templates from free children's craft websites or craft books. A donkey template may be a simple cut-and-paste craft that requires you to colour in the outline of a donkey, cut it out and then glue it to another piece of paper. Other donkey templates have you cut out the separate pieces of a donkey such as the head, body and legs, and then glue or tape the pieces together to form the donkey. Personalise a donkey template by gluing on yarn for the mane and tail, adding wiggly eyes or embellishing it with glitter for fun.

Donkey Puppet

Turn a plain brown paper lunch bag into a donkey puppet. Use the bottom flap of the bag as the donkey's mouth. With crayons or markers, draw the donkey's face on the flap. Cut out donkey ears and four legs out of brown construction paper. Glue or tape the ears to the top of the head and two legs on each side of the bag. Give the donkey spots, stripes or even clothes by drawing them on the bottom of the bag. When you're finished, you can play with your craft.

Clothespin Donkey

Use wooden, spring clothespins as donkey legs so your donkey craft can stand up by itself. Cut the donkey's head, body and tail out of brown construction paper and glue them together. With crayons or markers, draw on the animal's face and mane; or glue on yarn or felt for the donkey's mane. Colour two clothespins brown using paint or markers. Clip one clothespin to the front of the body as the front two legs and one to the back of the body as the hind legs.

Clay Donkey

Mold a donkey out of air-dry clay, available in craft stores and from online retailers. Use a pony- or donkey-shaped cookie cutter to make a flat clay donkey out of brown clay. Poke a hole in, let it harden, string a piece of ribbon through the hole and hang it as an ornament. Or, glue a magnet to the back of it and display it on the refrigerator. Mold a three dimensional donkey that is standing, sitting or lying down. Use black clay to give the sculpture eyes, nostrils and a mane. Once the clay donkey hardens, use it as a paperweight.

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