Rules for UNO by Mattel

Updated April 17, 2017

UNO is a card game offered by Mattel Inc. The social card game is playable by two to 10 players. The cards are available at virtually every retail, toy and kids store. The rules of the game are fairly simple, yet due to the random dealing of cards, is nearly impossible to master.


An UNO deck will consist of cards in four different colours: red, green, blue and yellow. Each card will have an a numerical value from zero to nine on it as well. The deck also includes 12 action cards -- three action cards in each colour. There are three types of action cards: Skip, Reverse and Draw Two. The deck should have a total of 108 cards.

Special Cards

The "Skip" action card skips over the next player whose turn it is. The "Draw Two" action card forces the next player to draw two cards. The "Reverse" action card changes the direction of the players from clockwise to counterclockwise, or vice versa. There are also four "Wild" and four "Wild Draw Four" cards in the deck. The "Wild" card allows the holder to change the colour of the card that the next player must place down. The "Wild Draw Four" card does the same thing, but the next player must draw four cards and skip his turn.

Start of Game

Seven cards are dealt to each player after the deck is shuffled. The top card of the remaining cards is placed to the side to use to start of the game. If the exposed card possesses a special ability, such as Wild, Wild Draw Four, Skip, Draw Two or Reverse, then its special instruction starts the game. If the first card drawn is a Draw Two, for example, the first player (to the left of the person who dealt the cards) must draw two cards and relinquish her turn to begin the game. If a the first card drawn is Reverse, then the direction of play changes from the traditional clockwise direction to counterclockwise. During each turn, a player must play a card from her hand that matches the colour or numerical value of the top exposed card, or play a Wild or Wild Draw Four.

Draw Cards

If a player does not possess a card that can be played during the turn, they must select from the remaining cards on the side, called the draw pile. If the card is playable, the card can be put down in the same turn. If not, the player must relinquish his turn to the next player. If the draw pile becomes emptied, the discard pile is reshuffled and becomes used as the draw pile.


When a player gets down to one card in her hand, the player must say "Uno!" in order to alert the other players. If another player points out that "Uno!" was not said, the person with one card must draw two cards. The game is finished when one player has discarded all of her cards. The other players are required to count the number of points in their hands. The winner receives the points accumulated from the other players. The numerical cards are worth face value, the action cards are worth 20 points, and the wild cards are worth 50. The first player to reach the predetermined point value (officially 500) is declared the winner.

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