House colors that complement redwood

Written by jennifer blair | 13/05/2017
House colors that complement redwood
Green is an ideal colour to complement redwood siding or trim. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

When it comes to choosing materials for your home's exterior, redwood can create a warm, rustic look that truly stands out. Redwood is available as both siding and trim, so you can use the material to give your home a log-cabin feel or simply accent the style of your home. While it can provide a lovely look for your home, you may have a difficult time figuring out what exterior colours to pair with your redwood siding or trim. To take the guesswork out of it, consult the colour wheel and find shades that complement the warm tones found in redwood.


Because it has red tones, redwood's most complementary colour is green, the colour opposite red on the colour wheel. However, to avoid a cutesy Christmas look for your home's exterior, do not use a bright kelly green with redwood siding or trim. Instead, opt for a richer shade such as hunter or forest green. You can also try a softer colour such as sage or even a grey-green.


Just beside green on the colour wheel, blue is another colour that complements redwood siding or trim. Using too bright a blue for your home's exterior can be a mistake, though, so try darker shades such as navy or cobalt. Blue-grey tones also work well with redwood, and you may opt for a cornflower shade of blue if you prefer a lighter tone.


Another way to find colours that pair well with the red tones in redwood siding or trim is to look at colours that fall beside red on the colour wheel. With similar warm tones, yellow is an ideal option for the exterior for a home that features redwood. Golden shades and those that lean toward orange, such as ochre, are attractive options. You may also opt for a creamy yellow shade with warm or neutral undertones if you prefer a softer look.


Like yellow, orange falls beside red on the colour wheel, making it an ideal choice for the exterior of a home with redwood features. You should avoid pumpkin orange, though, which can look too garish and strong on the exterior of a home. Stay away from orange reds as well, which may match the redwood too well. Instead, opt for terracotta shades that have a tinge of brown to them or even lighter peach tones.


When in doubt with your redwood exterior, go with white. As a neutral, white pairs well with all colours and provides a fresh, crisp look that brightens the look of your home. If white is too stark for your taste, cream or ivory work just as well. You can even opt for white shades that feature yellow or orange undertones for a complementary warm look.


Like white, brown serves as a neutral when used for your home's exterior. It pairs well with redwood because it draws out the brown tones in the wood and complements the warm red tones as well. You may opt for a dark brown or go with a lighter tan for an interesting contrast. As with orange, avoid brown shades that lean too close to red to avoid matching the redwood too closely.

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