Gameshark emulator cheats for infinite money on "emerald"

Updated March 23, 2017

The GameShark emulator is a specialised cartridge that plugs into certain models of portable gaming systems. A game is then inserted into the GameShark, allowing the GameShark system to read the game before the console does. This opens up a number of cheat codes that can help a gamer progress through a game. In the case of "Pokemon Emerald," there are several codes that give players infinite levels of money.

Money Codes

Money in the "Pokemon" games is used to purchase much-needed items and services. Money can be spent on inventory items like PokeBalls, Pokemon health items and potions that recover your Pokemon's health points, as well as day care or other services. No master codes are required for some of the infinite money cheats, including D8BAE4D9, 4864DCE5, A86CDBA5 and 19BA49B3.

More Money Codes

More cheats exist to gain infinite money in "Pokemon: Emerald," including A57E2EDE, A5AFF3E4 and 1C7B3231. Like the previous codes, these codes require no master code to work, though all codes have the same effect. Additionally, you can also enter the codes B494738C, C051CCF6 and 975E8DA1 to gain infinite money.

Master Codes

Another way to earn money in the "Pokemon" games is to sell extra or unwanted items. Selling your Pokemon is an effective way to earn fast money, but can be particularly lucrative when using cheats that give maximum coins. Though these do not gain infinite money, they do give you a considerable boost. A master code is required to enable these cheats: 9266FA6C97BD, 905B5ED35F81 or B76A68E5FAB1.

Sale Codes

With the previous master codes on, two codes can be used to gain the maximum sale price from Pokemon. Before sale, use 30DAA34BC79B or 1FB97F954367 to receive the highest amount of money from the sale of your Pokemon. These codes will work regardless of your Pokemon's type, health, experience or skill level.

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