The Stages of Beard Growth

The process of growing a beard requires patience, commitment and planning. The process itself can take some time, depending on the rate at which your facial hair grows. You must commit to the process and be proud of your beard's progress. Your essential planning directs your beard growth from the early shaping stage to the long-term maintenance that your beard requires to look its best.


You have to commit to the process of growing your beard and performing regular upkeep on it. Your beard is unique to your face, accentuating your facial structure and adding an element to your appearance with which you have to be happy. Your commitment begins with your decision to start growing your beard and to stop shaving. For a more-even beard look, you can decide to shave one last time, clearing off your face, neck and moustache.


Every beard is different, a result of each beard owner's style and choices. Begin looking at various beards on the Internet or on people in your area. Consider how you want your beard to look. A few key questions involve whether you want your beard to grow onto your face, neck, connect to your moustache or connect to your sideburns. A beard can use all of these stylistic choices or just a few. You get to decide how you want your beard to look.

Early Shaping

Let your beard grow naturally for its first month. After a month of growth, you can begin the shaping stage. The first month of growth gives you the chance to see how your beard will grow and if there are any irregularities to contend with, such as places where it will not grow or excessive growth in particular areas. Trim your beard into the shape you want but don't take off too much. During the shaping stage, it is better to not cut questionable areas and decide later than to cut them and regret it.


You enter the maintenance stage of beard growth when it is fully grown and shaped correctly for your tastes. In this stage, you maintain your beard with a beard trimmer, deciding on a length for your beard and keeping it trimmed to that length. Shave around your beard line with a normal razor, taking care not to drag your razor into your beard line. Wash your beard with the same shampoo that you use on your hair. After a short time, you will see your daily beard maintenance as a part of your normal day, and you will have a lush and powerful beard to show for it.

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