Table Candle Decoration Ideas

When decorating your table for a dinner party or gathering, creating a simple but elegant centrepiece can be challenging. Candles are the ideal option, because the soft glow they provide creates a warm feel for your table, and their simple look can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you are stuck for ideas, look around your home. Combine candles with items that you already own to create a beautiful centrepiece for your table.

On a Tray

For a simple table centrepiece, set a series of pillar candles on a decorative tray. A silver tray adds an air of elegance and sophistication to a formal table, while a wooden tray is ideal for a casual dinner. For a festive occasion, go with an enamelled tray to add a bright pop of colour to the table. Choose a single colour for the candles, but opt for differing heights and thicknesses to give the display added dimension. Mix smaller votive candles or tea lights in with the pillar candles as well, so the candlelight has a diffused effect.

Unique Candle Holders

Instead of opting for traditional candle holders when setting your table, look around your home for items that you can repurpose. Small terracotta flowerpots are a fun option if you are setting an outdoor table or planning a more casual gathering. Glass jelly jars provide a simple, elegant look and embellish with ribbon or raffia for a more decorative look. Even your china saucers make attractive holders for tea lights and votives when turned upside-down. You can mix saucers in several different colours to spice up the table. Whatever items you choose from your candle holders, make sure that the material is not flammable.

In Water

Floating candles can add a special touch to the table at your next dinner party. Fill a large, clear glass bowl with water and place several floating candles on top. Floating candles are available in a variety of designs and shapes, so you can opt for ones that resemble flowers, butterflies, stars and other items. For added flair, add food colouring to the water to tint it slightly. You can also create a base of colour fruit in the bottom of your glass bowl and float the candles on top.

With Natural Elements

Create a fun, rustic-looking centrepiece for your table by mixing your candles with natural elements. Use several decorative bowls to house pillar candles and surround them with some type of natural material that you have on hand. Greenery from your yard works well, as do coffee beans, berries, nuts, fruit, rocks or flowers. For a truly impressive centrepiece, use wooden blocks to stack the bowls at varying heights and use a different natural element in each one.

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