Small Items to Knit or Crochet

Updated February 17, 2017

Small items make thoughtful gifts for friends and family and can be appropriate for many occasions. They also make good gifts for yourself! If you're an expert at knitting or crochet, you can use the small scale to challenge your detail work. If you're a beginner, practicing your knitting or crocheting skills on small items can save you time and allow you to start over more quickly.

Clutch Purse

As a small item to keep your small items in, a clutch purse makes a useful knitting project. You can keep your little clutch in the bottom of your purse so you never have to rifle through it for your keys, change, or cards or you can take it with you on its own when you don't want a heavy bag to weigh you down. You can make a clutch in any size, colour or shape that you like. They can be lined or unlined and you can fasten it with buttons, snaps or Velcro.

Baby Hat and Booties

Ever cooed over those cute crocheted baby hat and booty sets in the store but found the price too steep? Well, you can make these accessories yourself. If you've never done a project like this, obtain a pattern from your local craft or knitting store so you can make sure you get the right proportions. Choose whatever colours and types of yarn you like and you'll be well on your way to warming little heads and feet.


Mittens are a classic knitted craft and make fantastic winter gifts for friends and family. These simple small items can be made in a variety of colours and styles. They're easily mailed to relatives who don't live nearby. You can also line them for extra warmth. Mittens are easy because you don't have to worry about different sections for the fingers, but if you're an experienced knitter, you might want to try a few pairs of gloves.

Key Fob

Did you know you could crochet or knit a key fob? This is a small project where you can really get creative. Knitting for a student? Knit her school mascot and place it on a key ring. Know a birding enthusiast? Why not crochet him a colourful robin to carry his keys? A key fob can be as complicated or as simple as your skill level allows. Be sure to refer to a pattern if you're unsure.

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