Table Decorations for a "Phantom of the Opera" Theme

Updated March 23, 2017

The haunting tale of "Phantom of the Opera" offers many scenes to borrow for your table decorations. By using the scene that appeals to you most in your decorations, you can transport your guests directly to the play. Bring in the props and colours of the set and play the music softly in the background for a total experience.


The linens on your table become the backdrop for your "Phantom of the Opera" table theme. A blood red tablecloth with a white lace one on top brings in the colours of the theatre. Place a patterned piece of fabric containing the print of an opera mask on the table and cover it with a black gossamer fabric or use a sepia-colour fabric sporting sheets of music and layer a golden organza over the cloth.


Silver candelabras light the boat escape for the phantom and can become the inspiration for your table. Bone white china lined with silver stripe on the perimeter is layered above a square silver charger. A white monogrammed napkin, folded into the shape of a fan, sits inside the plate. Silver utensils, on the side of the plate, stand ready for service. Crystal goblets carry a silver line across the top and sit to the right of the charger.

Place Settings

Tiny toy ships become the place cards for the table. Write each guest's name on a piece of paper and glue it to the sail on the ship. Scrunched up white gossamer fabric runs around the table between the plates and glasses, simulating the water in the play. The sailing gondoliers land in front of the plate and hold the favour for the party---a pair of opera gloves. Other items for place settings include a music box or sheet of music.


Rather than use the typical mask centrepiece, use the gondolier boat instead or the music box. The boat can become the container for a cascading bouquet of roses surrounded by tiny candelabras of white taper candles. Or, place the music box on a cake plate and drip red rose petals on top of the box and on the plate and table. A couple of taper candles in silver tone holders complete the centrepiece design.

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