Ideas for Handmade Engagement Congratulations Cards

Updated April 17, 2017

There's no better way to show your best friend or family member that you love and support her than by crafting a homemade card reflecting your feelings for her. If your friend appreciates images more so than fancy words or emotional outpourings of affection, several visual design options are also available. Present her with a card that is the shape of the state she and her love met in. You can also cut out the form of a special water fountain, tree, building or park bench they've enjoyed as a couple.


Choose your card materials to reflect your sentiment as well as the recipient's personality. If you're girlfriend is the type of person who appreciates the environment, use recycled paper to craft a card for her. Females who enjoy the fact that they are feminine by nature benefit from congratulatory cards that speak to their romantic tendencies. Speciality paper and craft stores offer a variety of heavyweight papers with leaves and flowers pressed into them that are pretty. Purchase this paper by the sheet and cut it to a desired size then use a calligraphy pen to address it, adding your personal wishes for the happy couple inside. Rather than slipping this card into an envelope, tie a decorative piece of ribbon around it.


Before you sit down to create a memorable card for your best friend or family member, decide on a single theme to craft the card around. If the newlyweds-to-be met in college, design and decorate a card that reflects their university's campus property, its colours or a team mascot. Vacations that the couple took that proved to be a defining moment in their relationship or even exotic destinations that they both long to visit together in the future are also applicable ideas. Craft a card that highlights sentimental elements of one or both partner's birth cities. For example, if the man proposed to the woman in front of a fountain, then affix an image of that fountain on the front cover. Likewise, if the two lovers grew up in the same town and met at a pizza parlour when they were 15, a cute card theme would be everything Italy.


The sentiment you decide to put inside your card can be compassionate, funny or simply factual, dependent upon your friend's level of emotional sensitivity or personal taste. Good places to search for romantic ideas are poems, songs and speciality books that address the importance of friendship, companionship or marriage. Turn to one of the numerous websites that offer phrases or poetry free of charge. Another applicable option is to consider the religious text that is important to your friend. Scripture is elegantly written and romantic by nature, plus the implication of centuries of people prior turning towards the same book for guidance is inspiration.

Delivery Options

Anybody can affix a stamp to their card and pop it into a mailbox, but if you want the delivery of your congratulatory message to be memorable, other options are available. Look in the phone book under entertainment and verify that a singing telegram company services your area. Eastern Onion Singing Telegrams is one such company that will take your card to the recipient's workplace, home or any other location you request and sing them a congratulatory song. They will then present your card before exiting. Tucking your card into a bouquet of flowers and leaving them on your girlfriend's front door or slipping the card into a sentimental book are also options. If your girlfriend appreciates a good laugh, hiring a costumed character such as a giant heart often garners many smiles.

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