The Best Colors for a Hallway Entrance

The colour in your hallway entrance sets the visual tone for the rest of the house. Even if you don't decorate your home with the same colours, your choice of colour in the entryway gives guests an indication of how you use colour as it often represents one of the key elements of home decorating. Without even seeing the rest of the house, colour provides visual clues to your decorating personality regardless of whether it favours the traditional or more modern styles.

Brown and Pink

Combining pink with brown allows you to make pink a grown-up colour. This colour combination possesses the rich charm of Neapolitan ice cream. By itself, a room filled with pink colours and accessories feels light and airy, but also has a tendency to look as if some of the furnishings might float away. On the other hand, brown represents a very staid, traditional decorating scheme. It can also appear a bit sombre.

However, if you pair these two colours together, you create a different effect. The brown visually grounds the furniture and accessories in the hallway entrance while the pink lightens the space up. Spread a rich layer of chocolate brown on the wall and lay down a brown rug. Look for a tile pattern with brown diamonds in it. Feature tables with pink marble tops. Decorate the top of the table with a brown vase full of hot pink blooms. Position two pink armchairs on each side of the decorative table in the entryway and adorn with chocolate brown pillows.

Black and White

Black and white colour schemes represent a classic colour combination in decorating. These two colours together permit you to dress a space up in a modern fashion. Additionally, although many choosing this colour combination feature white walls, black accent walls have enjoyed popularity in recent years. Take advantage of this set-up in your foyer by painting one of the walls with a shiny black paint. Add the same paint to the tops of the stairs and the stair handrail. Paint the sides of the stairs and the other walls white. Bring some visual pizazz to the space by laying down black and white checkered tile and throwing a zebra-print rug on the floor on top of it. Display a gallery of black and white photos in white frames on the accent wall.


The colour scheme in your hallway entrance doesn't have to include a traditional colour palette. In fact, a metallic neutral sets the tone for a modern entryway better than many of the more common foyer colour schemes. To employ a colour motif like this, opt for a silver entryway. Silver brings a classic quality to the space, but allows you to introduce some modern decorative elements along the way. Put up two-tone silver wallpaper on the walls and hang silver-framed mirrors and sconces. Flank a chrome and glass table with white chairs or floor lamps. Add a touch of colour by placing lush green plants in the entryway.


In colour theory, green represents life and freshness and offers an uplifting choice for a foyer colour scheme. Green comes in many shades from the lightest mint green to the deeper forest greens. To use green in the hallway entrance, paint the walls green. If the foyer tends to be dark, choose a lighter colour like spring green to brighten the space up. Bring a second tone of green into the mix by hanging up wallpaper on the bottom half of your wall that has greens in the pattern. Make green traditional by introducing large rose or floral patterns to the hallway entrance or more modern by accenting with white or cream.

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