Champagne Cork Crafts

Written by elizabeth arnold | 13/05/2017
Champagne Cork Crafts
Transform champagne corks into creative crafts. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

After you've popped the top off of champagne bottles, keep the corks for future craft projects. You can recycle the corks into inexpensive, but charming, home decor items. The pieces will give your home a rustic, wine country-inspired vibe. Cork crafts also make eye-catching holiday and special event dinner table decorations.

Cork Wreath

Design an easy-to-make wreath that looks like it came from a Napa Valley boutique. To make the craft, wrap a 12-inch polystyrene foam wreath base with a wide ribbon. Overlap the ribbon edges to completely cover the base, and secure the ends with florists' pins. Use a low-temp glue gun to attach the champagne corks, top ends facing up, to the wreath in rows. Work from the inside out until the entire wreath is covered in corks. Glue one or two grape bunches to the side or bottom of the wreath to complete the look, and loop a deep red or purple ribbon through it for hanging.

Cork Christmas Ornament

Handmade cork ornaments make thoughtful and creative Christmas presents for friends and loved ones. Create the ornament by drilling a hole all the way through the length of the cork using a drill equipped with a 7/64-inch bit. Insert a length of craft wire through the hole, allowing three inches of wire to protrude from each end. Slide any colour beads onto the each side of the wire, and secure the ends with small loops. You can attach an ornament hook through the top loop for hanging.

Cork Card Holder

Decorate dinner guests' place settings with handmade champagne cork place card holders. Carefully cut a half-inch slit across the tops of the champagne corks using a sharp knife. Design the place cards by decorating card stock or construction paper with glitter glue pens, markers or paint and stencils. Set the corks on their bases, and slide the cards into the slits.

Cork Turkey

Have your kids help you craft whimsical champagne cork turkeys to use as Thanksgiving dinner table decor. Cover the cork with brown craft paint, and allow it to thoroughly dry. Glue two plastic googly eyes to the front of the cork, and fold a diamond-shaped piece of yellow construction paper in half to use as the turkey's bill. Attach it beneath the eyes. To finish the craft, glue red, green, yellow and orange faux feathers to the back of the cork

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