My Living Room Chairs Are Teal and the Sofa Is Cream, Want Do I Put on My Walls?

Written by dana sparks | 13/05/2017
My Living Room Chairs Are Teal and the Sofa Is Cream, Want Do I Put on My Walls?
Teal is a colour found in nature. (Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Teal is a bright blue-green, most often associated with water and nature. It draws its name from the Common Teal, a duck whose eyes are surrounded by the colour. A living room that features a cream-coloured sofa and teal chairs can be painted in a myriad of colours, depending upon the mood you'd like to set.


Complementary colours are found directly across from one another on the colour wheel. Complementary shades tend to bring out the best in one another when paired, bringing new validity to the adage "opposites attract." Cream is a shade of white and white is a neutral colour, meaning that your sofa will coordinate with any colour it's coupled with. Your concern then is to find a colour that is complementary to teal. Red-orange is that shade. Complementary colour combinations are bold and demand attention. They're best used in rooms that are meant to be funky, creative and fun. If that's the look you're aiming for, red-orange may be your best choice in wall colour.


Another wall colour option is to pair a split-complementary colour to your teal chairs. Like a complementary shade, this colour will also produce a loud, dramatic look. A split-complementary colour is one of the two colours found directly next to red-orange on the colour wheel. Red and orange are the two split-complementary options. Painting your walls either of these shades will introduce energy and excitement to a room.


If you're looking for a more sedate look, an analogous wall colour may better fit your style. Analogous colours are found directly next to each other on the colour wheel. Blue and green are analogous to teal, and by painting the walls either of these colours, you're introducing a naturally harmonious palette because these shades all share the colour blue at their base.


If you want a sophisticated room where the teal chairs really pop with colour, cover the walls in a neutral shade. Any variation of white, brown or grey would act as a backdrop to the combination of cream sofa and teal chairs and will allow you to introduce teal through other accents such as throw pillows and artwork.

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