Uses of Lemongrass for the Face

Updated November 21, 2016

Lemon grass is a popular fragrant grass that provides numerous beneficial cosmetic uses for many individuals. Lemon grass is popular because it provides several natural benefits to the skin, keeping the skin healthy and beautiful. The essential oils extracted from lemon grass can be used for facial cosmetics such as make-up. Lemon grass oil is also extracted for various skincare products that are commonly used on the face.

Facial Cleaning

Lemon grass is a popular component in many body washes, soaps and facial cleansers. The lemon grass oil used in skincare products can help repair both dry and oily skin. Lemon grass oil, while cleaning the skin, can also help keep the skin smooth and soft. Lemon grass is also popular in cleansers because it acts as a natural antiseptic.


Lemon grass is popular in many lip balms because it provides moisturising properties that keep lips soft and supple. The natural healing and antiseptic properties of lemon grass also make lemon grass oil popular to treat lip cuts and sores. Straight lemon grass oil, which can be purchased at a health foods store, can also be put directly on the lips. Lemon grass is safe to digest, if any lemon grass oil gets in the mouth.

Acne Treatment

Lemon grass is a popular natural treatment for acne. Acne is caused by infection that settles after a pimple formed by dirt, grease and oil on the skin ruptures. The antiseptic properties of lemon grass can help treat acne naturally without drying out the skin. Adding pure lemon grass oil to the warm water you use when washing your face can help treat acne breakouts on your face.


Lemon grass oil has antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic chemicals that make the oil an effective natural astringent. A lemon grass oil toner can tighten and firm the skin. You can also add several drops of lemon grass oil to your store-bought toner to boost its effectiveness. Lemon grass oil can help contract and shrink the appearance of pores on the face when applied directly to the skin.


Lemon grass oil is found in many types of make-up, especially foundations. Lemon grass oil in foundation helps keep the skin smooth and even when applied to the skin. Lemon grass also has the ability to protect the skin against harmful exterior elements, making it popular in make-up. Adding a drop or two of pure lemon grass oil to your daily application of liquid foundation can help keep skin smooth and hydrated underneath make-up.

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