Flower Arrangements With Reflective Materials

Using reflective materials in flower arrangements adds romance and elegance to your table or decor. Glitter, metallic bows, ornaments and glass play with the light and add another dimension to your floral arrangement. You don't need to be trained to have professional results. With a few ideas and supplies from your craft store, you can create centrepieces that will impress your guests.

Metallic Glass Ornaments

The simple glass metallic ornaments that are in stores during the holidays can provide a pretty reflective background for your flowers. Simply fill a silver bowl with silver or coloured glass balls. Choose roses, carnations or orchids and cut the stems very short. Insert a flower in several of the spaces between the balls. These particular flowers can live several hours without water and will work well in this arrangement. Add leaves among the other spaces until you are pleased with your design. This arrangement makes an impressive centrepiece for a special dinner.


Some spaces need a small arrangement in a vase. Begin with a tall silver vase. Spray clear florist's glitter on a bouquet of white mums, roses or carnations, and arrange them in the vase so that they form a low mound. Spray paint tall thin twigs white. After they have dried, spray them with clear glitter and place them in the centre of your flowers. You can create more reflections by displaying the arrangement on a mirrored tile surrounded by votive candles.

Gold Pine Cones

For a traditional holiday arrangement with reflective materials, spray paint a basket with gold metallic paint. Tape florist's oasis to the inside of your basket and insert stems of ivy and pine into the oasis until the basket looks full. Spray white or red carnations with clear glitter, and arrange them among the greens. Spray pine cones and dried seed pods with gold metallic paint, and attach them to wooden floral picks. Insert the picks into the oasis to complement your arrangement. A gold florist's bow can be added as a finishing touch.

Glass Vase

To create a contemporary design using flowers in a vase, you will need a tall cylindrical clear glass vase. Fill it with water and iridescent clear glass marbles. Place several stems of roses and ferns into the centre of the marbles. Purchase inexpensive silver wire from your craft store. Cut it into 36-inch lengths, and bend the ends of the wire into interesting twists. Place three into the centre of the flowers. Attach a small silver bow to a florist's green wire, and insert it into the marbles. The bow should sit just above the rim of the vase. Set the vase on a mirrored tile. Scatter rose petals on it, and place a few votive candles around the vase.

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