A List of Icebreaker Games for Adults Like Pictionary

Updated April 17, 2017

An icebreaker can take the edge off getting to know others at events like parties or meetings. To choose an appropriate icebreaker for a group to play, consider the atmosphere and comfort level of the guests. For instance, an icebreaker for a work-related event should have a slightly more professional tone than an icebreaker for a house party among friends.


Charades is a classic go-to for party icebreaker games because it's an entertaining, relaxed way of getting to know fellow guests. There are several varieties of charades to play at aparty if you feel the classic version is too predictable. For instance, play telephone charades for a silly spin on the original game. This version requires players to act out a humorous clue to the person next to him; the clue travels down the line until it reaches the last person, who has to guess the original clue.

Expository Games

A successful icebreaker helps you get to know things about each other, so fulfil that objective by focusing on personal details with an expository game. For instance, play a game like Two Truths and A Lie, in which each guest prepares three things to say about himself, one of which is untrue; guests have to determine which of the statements is a lie. Another expository game is I'm An Only Child in which each guest states "I'm an only child because..." followed by something about himself he considers unique. If other guests share that trait, they must say either "No, no I'm your bro," or "What's this? I'm your sis."

Board Games

A good old fashioned board game makes for an entertaining, low-pressure icebreaker. Take stock of games you already own, or ask guests to bring along their favourite. Depending on how many guests you expect, you may want to split people up into groups so they can rotate to different game stations and more easilyget to know each other. Some games that enable players to learn more about one another include Loaded Questions, Taboo, Scattergories or Apples to Apples.

Trivia Games

Test guests' knowledge with some tricky trivia icebreakers. Divide everyone into small teams to compete in a trivia competition. As the host, you can be the quizmaster who gives the questions and scores the responses. You can play a game like Who Am I? in which each guest receives a sticky note with the name of a famous person, place or thing to put on his forehead. Without looking at the sticky note, each person has to ask yes or no questions to the other guests to figure out his identity.

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