Pink & Red Striped Tropical Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

Many tropical plants feature pink and red striped leaves and flowers. Often, plants that have striped leaves are called "variegated" because the colour of the leaves varies. Variegated tropical plants with red and pink leaves include canna, bromeliads, aglaonema, peperomia and stromata, among many others. Most tropical plants are rated for USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9-11, though many can thrive indoors if conditions are kept warm and humid.


The canna, sometimes called the canna lily, is a tropical plant from South Africa closely related to plants like ginger and bananas. Its variegated leaves are dark green with dark red stripes highlighted with pink, bronze and yellow. Canna also produces showy pink flowers during the spring and summer.


The bromeliad family is a group of tropical plants related to the pineapple, and most bromeliads have long, sword-shaped leaves. A variegated bromeliad with pink stripes along its leaves is the cryptanthus, which gets its common name, earth star, from the small flowers that grow at the base of its radially placed, spiky leaves. Cryptanthus and many other bromeliads are native to Brazil.


Phildendrons are popular indoor potted plants with heart-shaped, waxy leaves that are usually a dark green. The Pink Princess variety of philodendron has leaves with pink stripes and dark pink stalks. Other names for variegated philodendrons include stromanta and monstera. Look for varieties with pink or red in the name -- a sure indication they'll have coloured stripes on their leaves.


Tradescantia is the Latin name for a family of tropical plants also known as spiderwort, Moses-in-a-basket, oyster plant or boatlily. These tropical plants have variegated, smooth, sword-shaped leaves with pink stripes, and they are native to the Americas. Many varieties also produce small white flowers.


The calathea family of plants have variegated dark green leaves with white stripes and pink undersides. The variety of calathea with pink stripes on the leaves is called the Calathea ornata, or pink-striped calathea. Common names include calathea, peacock plant and zebra plant.


The caladium is commonly known as elephant's ear, and the variegated variety has pink and white stripes and spots on light green leaves. Some varieties have completely pink leaves with magenta or dark red stripes, while others have pink centres with green edges.


Alternanthera is commonly known as Joseph's coat for its highly variegated leaves. These tropical shrubs have leaves with red, purple or pink stripes. In tropical climates, the Joseph's coat alternanthera is a perennial plant, but it can be grown as an annual indoors.

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