How High to Hang Ring-Top Curtains

With all the different methods of constructing and hanging curtains, determining how high to hang them is necessary no matter what type of curtain you choose. Whether your ring-top curtains are hung with clip rings or grommets, you want to ensure they cover your entire window, reaching above the window glass and moulding so that they block the most light possible.

At the Top of the Window

When hanging ring-top curtains, hang them so that the tops of the curtains are at least 2 or 3 inches above the top of the window and any moulding. You can hang them even higher if you like. A standard decorating rule is to hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible as this makes the ceilings look taller.

At the Floor

When positioning your curtains toward the ceiling, keep an eye on the floor as well. Curtains should either just touch the floor, hang about 1 inch past the floor or for a luxurious, formal look, hang about 12 inches past the floor for a "puddled" effect. Unless your curtains are the short type that hang just to the bottom of the windowsill, your curtains should reach the floor. Anything more than about 1/2 inch above the floor is too short. If needed and if possible, lower your curtain rod to allow your curtains to fall all the way to the floor.

Clip Rings and Grommets

Both grommet-top curtains and curtains with clip rings are considered ring-top curtains. Adding clip rings to curtains adds length to them while the grommets of grommet-top curtains actually gobble up a few inches of length. Either way, hang your curtains so that the rings fall above the window glass and moulding, not even with it. If you look through the rings, you should see only the wall.

Other Considerations

Ready-made curtains are usually packaged with a label that gives their dimensions. These dimensions are approximate, and sometimes the actual dimensions of the curtains are different than those printed on the label. For this reason, hang the curtains on the rod and enlist a helper to hold the rod up to the window to determine just the right height to install the brackets.

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