Ideas for a loft bedroom with vaulted ceilings

Loft bedrooms are an ideal solution for homes where space is limited. A loft style bedroom elevates the sleeping space off the floor to make room for a living or studying area. It is a style frequently used in dorm rooms or in homes where siblings share space. Adding a vaulted ceiling to the design will create more space, more style and more options for design. A few simple colour and decorating techniques will make these spaces fun and functional.


Colour selection is an important aspect of making a loft bedroom work. Since the space is often small, light colours like white, cream and pastels are ideal. These will create the illusion of more space and reflect light to create a brighter feel. For visual interest these colours may be punched up by adding brightly coloured accents or wall hangings. Rooms with vaulted ceilings may do well with bold or darker colours without feeling too cave-like. Bold colours mixed with neutrals are modern favourites while classic tones like navy, maroon, gold and burgundy create a more formal feel. For children and teens, you might want to mix colours; black and bright pink, pink and green or a combination of chocolate brown and blue are all widely used in modern kid's style.


Texture is an easy way to add visual interest to a room and will incorporate personality to a loft bedroom. For small spaces, this is as simple as adding some patterned decorative pillows or lamp shades or adding a throw rug to the floor. Patterned bedding against contrasting solid blankets, a few brightly coloured geometric patterns on the walls and a few funky accent pieces are ideal.


Furniture and storage pieces will make the room functional and are key in making it work for multiple people. The size and style of storage pieces will vary greatly and should be chosen based on function and should fit in the room without being obtrusive. To save space, find furniture pieces that serve double duty like lidded storage bins that slide under the bed or hollow end tables that may hold extra bedding or seasonal items. If stairs are included in the design, they are good for doubling as drawers for socks, books and other small items. With vaulted ceilings, the extra space may be used as storage by adding a few shelves. For the living space, use a futon bed, bean bag chair and desk for school work. These items are highly functional and will fit in a small space.

Lighting Fixtures

Proper lighting will bring life and function to the room, especially important for kids and teens who will spend time studying. For the loft area, a hanging light fixture, with or without a ceiling fan, will utilise the vaulted ceiling space, provide light and cool the room if needed. These pieces are widely available, offer a variety of styles and are fairly inexpensive. For the bottom space, a simple desk or floor lamp will provide light and take up little space. Keep the overall style of the room light by utilising bright coloured curtains in a light or sheer material. Heavy drapes not only block out light but give a more formal feel to the room as well.

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