Ways to hang bathroom display towels

Updated February 21, 2017

Since bathrooms often have spatial limitations, towels are valuable decorative items because they are also functional. If you have decorative towels that you would like to display in your bathroom, there are many ways to get creative. You can hang towels over a towel rack in a tiered or cascading fashion. Folding, rolling or draping towels can also add a touch of class to your bathroom.


If you have a straight towel rack, you can fold towels over the rack so that they hang in tiers, with the largest towel hanging long and a hand towel hanging shorter. This is a very traditional way to display decorative towels for guests. To fold towels for hanging, fold in half lengthwise once and then in half widthways. Hang the folded bath towel first, then hang the folded hand towel in the centre of the bath towel. The different sizes of bath towels and hand towels should create a tiered look.


If your towel rack is placed near a corner or in another area where a diagonal line would complement the decor, you can hang your towels in a cascade. Fold and hang the largest towel first. Then fold hand hang the second-largest towel on either edge of the rack. Next, hang a hand towel over this one, also on the edge. This will create a diagonal line with the bottom of the towels.


Another way to display beautiful towels in a bathroom is with decorative hooks. Hanging towels individually from hooks gives a more causal look to a bathroom. From a design perspective, the triangular drape of a towel on a hook breaks up stark horizontal lines often found in bathrooms. Hooks can also be a great way to organise towels if you have several family members using the same bathroom. Place hooks in a zigzag formation on the wall to allow room for different towels.


To display towels, especially towels that match your bathroom decor, you can also roll them. To roll towels, fold in half lengthwise and then roll up, starting at one corner. When rolling, make sure to hold the open corners of the towel together. Then store rolled towels in a decorative basket or on a shelf. Always have the folded edge of the towel facing out.

Folding and Stacking

To display towels on a decorative shelf or on a vanity, think about how you have seen towels displayed in hotels. Fold towels neatly and stack from largest to smallest to create a pyramid shape. You can then place a decorative item like a shell or glass figurine on top of the towels to hold them in place. Folding hand towels or wash cloths into interesting shapes like fans or triangles is another display option. Because wash cloths are square, they can be folded just like napkins. Rectangular hand towels can take decorative folds as well, but folding options are slightly more limited.

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