The Best Apples for Fresh Juice

Written by hillary marshall | 13/05/2017
The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Juice apples with the skin to get the most nutritious juice. (Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Homemade apple juice is not just nutritious, it tastes great and it is naturally sweet. The key to making homemade apple juice is selecting the right apples. There are a variety of different apples you can use to make juice, but the sweeter the apple the better. Juice from sweet apples is best because you don't have to add any sweetener; you also want to choose apples that are ripe and unblemished.

Red Delicious

The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Red Delicious apples are ideal for juice. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

Red Delicious apples originated at an orchard in Iowa in 1880. Today, most Red Delicious apples come from Washington State. Red Delicious apples should be shapely, firm and bright red in colour. While not ideal for baking, the flesh of red delicious apples is juicy, tart and aromatic, so it is ideal for juicing.

Yellow Delicious

The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Golden Delicious apples should have a pale yellow hue. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Yellow Delicious apples, sometimes called Golden Delicious, were first introduced to the public in the early 1900s. The flesh of the skin of these apples is firm and crisp. The colour when ripe should be a pale shade of yellow; darker yellow apples are likely overripe. These apples are sweet, with a robust cider-like aroma.


The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Gala apples are a mix of red and yellow. (Dynamic Graphics Group/Dynamic Graphics Group/Getty Images)

Gala apples were first produced in New Zealand around 1920. The skin of a Gala apple should be red with dots and specks of yellow breaking through. Gala apples have a dense flesh with a mildly sweet flavour and aroma. This apple tends to work best in a juice made from a blend of different apples.


The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Rome apples are round in shape. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Rome apples, also called Rome Beauty and Red Rome, were first produced in Ohio in the early 1900s. Round, with a glossy red skin, these apples have a firm, crisp flesh that is mildly tart. This apple isn't as sweet as some other apple varieties, so it is typically blended with other apples when juiced.


The Best Apples for Fresh Juice
Fuji apples are often lopsided in shape. (Eising/Photodisc/Getty Images)

The Fuji apple was developed in Japan in the 1930s. The juicy flesh of the Fuji apple is low in acid and rich in sugar. The flesh can range from mostly red with yellow spots, to a dark red. These apples are large and can be round to conical in shape. Fuji is one of the sweetest apples available, so it can be juiced alone or in combination with other varieties.

Pink Lady

The Pink Lady, or Cripps Pink, was developed in Australia in the 1970s. The apple has a pink hue, with a green and yellow background. The flesh of this apple is crisp with a sweet, tangy flavour. The juice also has a nice balance between sugar and acid so it can be juiced alone or with other varieties.


Developed by the University of Minnesota is the 1970s, Honeycrisp apples are one of the most expensive apples you can buy. This apple is sweet, firm and tart. These apples are ideal for eating raw because of their texture and flavour. These apples can range from entirely red in colour, to red with orange striping or red blush over a yellow under-colour.

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