Inventions that use recycled materials

Written by josh victor | 13/05/2017
Inventions that use recycled materials
Many inventions are produced with recycled materials. (Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

As inventors become more aware of their environment, more inventions are produced from recycled material. Recycled materials have the benefit of added appeal for the consumer. In some cases, recycled materials may even be cheaper than the raw material. Several inventions from recycled materials are particularly interesting.


Lighting manufacturers have created different lighting products made of reused material. Chandeliers can easily be appropriated with dazzling recycled metal, glass or plastic. Decorators have even used milk bottles, drinking straws, CD cases and old printer cartridges to create memorable lighting fixtures.


Home builders are keen on using recycled material as insulation. It can be substantially cheaper than the alternative of buying new insulation and demands less raw material from the environment. Frequently used material includes recycled denim and cotton to create insulation that keeps a home warm during winter and allows the dwelling to aerate in summer.

Construction Materials

Innovators have repeatedly found ways to build construction materials out of recycled products. For example, some companies turn recycled asphalt into new paved roads. Other firms take wood products and make them into floorboards for homes. Even after the additional processing, savings can be substantial because the original material was thrown out or given away.


Artists have invented art forms using recycled material. Artists have made bags and clothing out of recycled plastic bottles. Artists use recycled steel or metal to make grandiose sculptures often called found art. Artists can use recycled products to make a larger point about the importance of conservation and sustainability to make their artwork more meaningful.

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