Arts & Crafts for Fireworks

Written by stephanie kelley
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Arts & Crafts for Fireworks
Fireworks help us celebrate holidays and special events. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Firework displays are used to mark various occasions such as New Year's, Independence Day or even after a baseball games to celebrate a victory. Fireworks-themed crafts can also be used in celebration. The crafts can be used to create decorations or used as activities for holidays, birthday parties or other events.

Paper Projects

Create fireworks-themed paper crafts to use as decorations or just for fun. Draw three starburst fireworks designs with craft glue onto black construction paper. Cut 1-inch-square pieces of tissue paper. Roll the tissue paper into balls and stick them into the glue to create a fireworks design.

Another way to create fireworks on paper is to use paint. Dilute some acrylic paint in water and put one drip on a piece of paper. Use a drinking straw to blow air onto the paint to create a starburst fireworks design.

Fabric Projects

Create fireworks-themed fabric crafts such as clothing and decor items to help celebrate a patriotic holiday or other special day. Create a fireworks-themed T-shirt to wear to a fireworks display. Use a dark blue T-shirt. Cut a cityscape template out of paper and trace and fill-in the spaces with black fabric paint. Use a sparkle fabric paint pen to create a starburst fireworks design in the blue area. The shirt will look like fireworks going off over a city at night.

Another fireworks fabric project is creating decorative throw pillows for home decor. Make or buy a pillow and add fabric paint to create a fireworks design or sew buttons in a starburst fireworks shape.

Fireworks Party Decor Projects

Create fireworks-themed party decor items to use on the Fourth of July, New Year's or any special occasion. Cover walls with black butcher paper and use glow-in-the-dark paint to draw fireworks on the paper. Guests will be amazed when you tell them it's time for a fireworks display and you simply turn out the lights. The fireworks on the walls will glow in the dark.

Make fireworks to hang from the ceiling of a party venue. Poke metallic stems, or pipe cleaners, into small styrofoam balls. Create a starburst design and add a ribbon or string for hanging.

Other Arts & Crafts for Fireworks

There are many ideas for fireworks-themed arts and crafts. Turn a toilet paper roll into a fire cracker. Paint the roll in white and add red and blue star stickers to decorate. Cut metallic sheets of tissue paper into strips. Glue the strips into the end of the tube some sticks out. Shake the tube and the metallic strips will act as a pom and create a fireworks effect.

Another fireworks-inspired craft is to create greeting cards with fireworks on the cover. Cut starburst fireworks shapes out of metallic paper and glue them to a folded piece of black construction paper to create a card.

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