The Best Ways to Lace up High Dunks

Written by michael monet
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The Best Ways to Lace up High Dunks
The look of any high-top shoe is highly affected by the laces. (Hemera Technologies/ Images)

Nike High Dunks are a sneaker typically worn with fitted caps, long tees, jeans and shorts. The way you lace and tie high-top sneakers like High Dunks makes a dramatic difference in their appearance. You can choose to lace them in all sorts of ways such as loose, tight, straight across or woven. Try each before deciding how to wear your Dunks.


The preferred method of lacing Nike High Dunks in urban fashion is the crisscross lace. This is the easiest and most logical way to lace a shoe and happens to be the method that looks best on casual, high-top sneakers. Start with the lace strung evenly through the two bottom holes closest to the toe of the show. Take one end and lace it through the first hole on the opposite side. Take the other, unlaced side and lace it through the first hold on the opposite side. Repeat this process until each hole is laced.


Nike High Dunks have thick laces. As you perform the crisscross lace, the thickness of the laces often causes folding and twisting. If your lace begins to twist as you weave it through the lacing holes, it will continue to get more and more twisted as you go. The moment your lace begins to twist or fold over, stop lacing and straighten it out. Unfold or untwist the lace, pull it through the hole and tighten. Lacing this way takes more time, but the end result is crisp and clean looking.


High Dunks looks best with laces that are left relatively loose. If you tighten your laces too much, they squeeze the sneaker and cause permanent indentations on the sneaker that ruin its appearance. After lacing the shoe from bottom to top, tighten each lace evenly but moderately. The body of the sneaker should not be squeezed or strained. This is also why trying on Nike High Dunks before purchasing them is important. Buy them a half size down if you normally tighten the laces of your sneakers for a snug fit. Dunks should fit your feet securely even when the laces are loose. Knot the laces at the end of the top hole so that you don't have to tie them in a bow. Dunks, like other high-tops, look best without the traditional bow tied on most shoe laces.

Special Laces

One of the best features of Nike High Dunks is the array of colours and patterns they come in. Dunks can be coordinated with any outfit and provide another way to accessorise. Consider purchasing laces of different colours to go with different outfits and bring out different aspects of your sneakers. If you have multicoloured Dunks, coordinating your laces to make different colours or patterns pop on different days can keep your sneakers looking and feeling new. Experiment with mismatched laces, but remember that highly stylised Dunks are best with simple laces.

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