Family Guy Birthday Cake Ideas and Patterns

Make "Family Guy" themed cakes any number of ways, from purchasing cake pans and moulds in the shape of various characters or using action figures to re-create famous scenes from the show on top of cakes. Use assorted plastic cake toppers to create pattern displays, such as cupcakes featuring Stewie in his assorted outfits. Create cakes for birthdays as well as other events, such as cake decorating competitions.

Cake Topper Pattern Ideas

Create patterns using plastic "Family Guy" cake topper figurines. Use Stewie figurines on cupcakes to make a Stewie pattern, such as Stewie the Ninja, Stewie the Southern Gentleman, Stewie the General, Stewie the Showman and Mutant Stewie. Pair such cupcakes next to rows of Peter and Brian cupcakes, including figurines of Peter the Showman, Peter the Prisoner, Brian the Entertainer, Brian the Police Dog and Brian in the Hood. Add further detail to cupcake patterns by using frosting that corresponds to the character's clothing, such as red and yellow patterns for Stewie cupcakes and green and white patterns for Peter cupcakes.

Stewie Cake Ideas

Make "Family Guy" cakes dedicated to Stewie. Create cakes in football shapes for Stewie head cakes, or make full body Stewie cakes. Use icing and fondant to create a cake based on the poster "All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Stewie" which can include poster quotes written in icing or fondant, such as "Never Jump On The Bed," "Adults Are Stupid And Must Be Destroyed," "Don't Trick Out Your Tricycle" and "Hide The Plans For Your Time Machine."

Scene Recreation Ideas

Use "Family Guy" action figures to re-create some of the series' most memorable scenes on top of sheet cakes or any cake with a completely flat surface. Ideas include purchasing a Peter figure along with Brian in a banana suit to re-create Brian's famous "It's peanut butter jelly time!" song that he sings to Peter. Write the phrase in frosting across the bottom of the cake if desired. Use Brian and Stewie action figures to re-create a scene where the pair take off to look for Brian's mom, or use Peter and the giant yellow chicken to re-create Peter fighting the mutant bird.

Wedding Cake Idea

Make a "Family Guy" wedding cake by purchasing Peter and Lois wedding cake toppers. Place them on top of an otherwise standard wedding cake or more unconventional cakes. Unconventional wedding cake ideas include collecting a variety of Peter and Lois wedding cake toppers and placing them on and around a wedding cake in whatever pattern you choose. Some toppers wear fabric clothing, while others are made of hard plastic.

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