Can burnt orange colours go well in a room with lemon and green walls?

Updated April 17, 2017

Lemon yellow and green walls instantly create a cheerful, spring feeling. This colour combination works well for bright, modern rooms as well as cosy country styles. A two-color room makes a bold statement, but the style can be a little overwhelming in larger or densely furnished rooms. A third colour adds visual interest and helps balance the design. Add burnt orange accents to warm up the space in the fall and winter months, or keep it year-round to give the room a more earthy, comfortable vibe.

Choose the right shade of burnt orange

Visit your local home improvement or paint shop to pick up colour swatches. Choose the shades of burnt orange that you like, and bring them home to see how they complement your lemon and green walls. A warmer burnt orange with more brown pigment works with celery and olive green tones, while a brighter, redder burnt orange coordinates well with lime and grass greens.

For a quick and easy alternative, search your home for burnt orange items such as clothing, art or accessories. Place these objects in different areas of the room, and view them at different times of day to find the best match. Take the coordinating piece with you to the store and use it as a colour guide for fabrics, throw pillows or wall hangings.

Additional accent colours

The most pleasing colour combinations are next to each other on the colour wheel, while the boldest are directly opposite. Yellow sits between orange and green, making these three shades a perfect palette for your room. Use the colours on the other side of the wheel for striking accent pieces. Consider navy or dark grape shades, and use them in moderation. Try this deep accent colour for a few select vases or seat cushions, or as a background in print drapes or throw pillows.

Matching furniture

Maintain the theme and create a fun, colourful room with painted furniture in yellow, burnt orange and green. Decorate modern spaces by pairing your trio of shades with dark brown or black lacquer modular furniture. Consider a tiger wood or burl wood for added elegance. Use white or whitewashed pieces for French country and shabby chic designs. Mix wood and metal furnishings for a quirky, eclectic feel.

Combine colours with print

Use print sofa patterns, curtain fabrics, throw pillows and area rugs to easily combine your lemon, green and burnt orange colours. The prints do not need to contain all three colours to work. Combine green and orange plaid throw pillows with yellow and green floral bolsters for a feminine country bedroom. Brighten up the distressed furnishings in your living room by draping a yellow and burnt orange patterned afghan over a plush green chair.

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