Signs of a Jaded, Bitter Person

Updated July 20, 2017

Feelings of bitterness and being jaded are noticeable in some individuals and can affect the way a person is with friends, family or colleagues. These feelings usually surface where deep hurt has been caused. Individuals in this situation may put up personal boundaries to prevent themselves from getting hurt again. Try to be understanding, rather than judging. The chances are good that individuals suffering from these signs are hurting inside.

Lack of Concern for Others

Individuals who are bitter show a lack of concern for others. They may not be able to comfort a friend in need or offer support to a family member who is having a bad time. They may be tired of supporting a person who is always in need, and bitter because they have needs that are not being met.


Bitter and jaded people become touchy, sensitive and upset by small incidents such as whispering and laughing, according to Life Search Universal. They may think others are laughing at them and feel conscious of their actions. Dr. Katherine Piderman at the Mayo Clinic believes this can lead to social anxiety and internal anger, which in turn can lead to the loss of relationships. This is why you need to try to be understanding of this trait.

Holding Grudges

It is very common for bitter and jaded people to hold grudges. Feelings of bitterness and being jaded surface as a barrier to hurt and pain. If a person is full of hate for the person or people who have wronged them, they are closed off from being hurt again because all their emotion is filled.

Mood Swings

Bitterness and feeling jaded can be suppressed only so far. However, bitterness does not stop.The chances are that someone who is bitter and jaded will have mood swings as they try to suppress the feelings. Bitterness needs to be addressed, or many people will be hurt by one person's anger and sadness.

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