What Are the Colors for the Schwinn Airdyne Models?

Updated April 17, 2017

When the average person thinks of Schwinn, bicycles immediately come to mind. Schwinn Fitness makes aerobic exercise machines, including recumbent bikes, upright bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills. The Schwinn Airdyne is a type of upright exercise bike that Schwinn has been making since 1986. Nautilus owns Schwinn Fitness -- as well as Bowflex and StairMaster.


The Schwinn Airdyne uses an air resistance system. It has vertical levers that are synchronised with the pedals but you can also use the levers separately. You can exercise your upper body, lower body or both together. Two Airdyne models are currently available, as of May 2011. Both models come in standard grey only, although, in the past, Schwinn offered the models in colours.


One Airdyne model available is the classic, or standard, Airdyne; the other is the Airdyne Evolution Comp. The difference between the two is that the standard Airdyne model has a chain drive, while the Airdyne Evolution Comp model has a chain as well as a belt drive. The Airdyne Evolution Comp also has a smaller fan assembly where the front wheel would be on a regular bike -- this model is quieter than the original.


The Airdyne has dual-action fan resistance. Using air for resistance gives it "infinite resistance levels," according to Schwinn. The company adds that what that feature means in practical terms is "the harder you pedal, the harder the workout." The Airdyne has an LED console with speed, time and calorie counts, as well as a heart rate monitor. The Airdyne has a large seat, which you can replace. The warranty covers the frame for 30 years, electronics for three years and labour and wear for one year.

Rehabilitative Use

The Airdyne isn't just for fitness use, it is also for rehabilitative use. The Airdyne has a low step-over height so getting on and off is not difficult. The air resistance adjusts to any fitness level. The fan helps keep the user cool, which is important for people in rehab and for users who are very overweight.

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