A List of Computer Games in the '90s

Written by jane mcdonaugh | 13/05/2017
A List of Computer Games in the '90s
Games such as "Doom" owe a debt to first-person shooters developed in the '90s. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Computer games developed and released during the 1990s saw great improvements in various gaming genres, including action-adventure games and first-person shooters. The games, and others like them, set precedents for future games in its genre, from story and character development to improved game design.

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

A point-and-click role-playing adventure game produced in 1993, "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers" set a precedent for being one of the first adventure games to have a story based on real events and folklore. Gabriel Knight is loosely based on voodoo legends surrounding New Orleans, Louisiana, and follows the main character, Gabriel Knight, a wry bookstore owner who investigates a slew of voodoo murders in New Orleans.

Wolfenstein 3D

Released in 1992, "Wolfenstein" is one of the first first-person shooters, set in World War II. The character you control, B.J. Blazkowicz, is a spy for the Allies who must navigate mazelike levels while overcoming variety of enemies, both human or otherwise. Blazkowicz ends up being captured by Nazis and imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein, and thus must navigate through the dungeon before facing execution.


"Half-Life" is a science fiction first-person shooter released in 1998. You control character Gordon Freeman, a scientist responsible for containing a menacing experiment gone terribly awry. According to GameSpot, this first-person shooter is much evolved since the genre's first entrance with "Wolfenstein 3D," with artistic game design decisions and more-fluid story transitions. The game also scraps the concepts of levels and instead creates a continuous stream of locations.

Grand Theft Auto

The first of the "Grand Theft Auto" action-adventure games was released in 1997. The player controls a criminal who freely roams the city to take on various missions involving mayhem and debauchery, such as stealing cars and forms of vandalism. The game is structured with two basic levels set in three different cities: Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City.

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