Ways not to be too clingy with a girl

Written by kevin belhumeur
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Ways not to be too clingy with a girl
Being overly clingy can end up pushing a girl away. (Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images)

Most girls prefer a partner who is caring, attentive and dependable. However, when these traits lead to clinginess, the mood in a relationship can change quickly. Being clingy with a girl sends the message that you are needy, and needy men are perceived to be smothering. There are things you can do to ensure that you do not fall into the bad habit of being clingy.

Be Confident

Learning to love yourself is an important aspect of reducing clinginess. Personal and relationship insecurities are usually what drive people to cling to another person. Focus on the positive qualities of your personality and try to forget about any insecurities you might have. Your positive qualities are the very thing that attracted the attention of the relevant person in the first place. Having confidence in yourself can make you a more attractive person in the eyes of others.

Limit Text Messages and Phone Calls

Do not send meaningless text messages at all hours of the day. Also refrain from hour-long phone calls just to hear the voice of the person you are interested in. This sort of behaviour will give a girl the impression that you are needy. It can also make her feel like she is the centre of your universe. This realisation can lead to a smothering feeling, one that will most assuredly push her away in the long run. Do not expect someone to spend all of their free time on the phone with you.

Find a Hobby

Finding a hobby is a good way to spend time away from a love interest. Preferably choose an activity that is self-improving and gives you confidence, such as a martial arts course or a cardiovascular workout class. If you do not already have a gym membership, sign up for one. Exerting yourself physically can help you get your mind off someone for a few hours. This will help ease your desire to be with them constantly and make you appear less clingy.

Go Out With Your Friends

Hanging out with old friends is pivotal when it comes to establishing your independence from a girl. Independent men aren't usually seen as clingy. Make plans to go out in social situations without the girl you are interested in. This will prove to her that you are not desperate to cling onto her every word, and that you have a life of your own. Going out on your own can ease her potential fears about you being the clingy type.

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