Crafts for "Samson the strong man"

Updated February 21, 2017

Samson was a man of God who was promised great strength. The secret to his strength was his hair. It was not cut from the time he was born. Once he shared this secret with a manipulative woman, Delilah, his hair was cut and he lost his strength. Help kids remember the story of Samson by making crafts with them.


The reason that Samson was so strong was because of his hair. God told his parents never to cut his hair and Samson would always be strong. Make crafts with your kids that have to do with Samson's hair. Have them colour a picture of Samson, but then allow them to glue on some hair. Cut lengths of yarn, or allow the kids to cut the yarn depending on their age. The hair should be fairly long when glued to the page. They can also make a wig for themselves to help them remember about Samson. Have them cut fringes in some paper bags to represent hair. Have them put the bags on their heads so you can cut off any "hair" that hangs in their faces.


Make some puppets with your class to help them tell the story of Samson. Create some of the different characters in the story, such as Samson, Delilah, Samson's parents and soldiers. Choose to make sock puppets, paper bag puppets or paper puppets stuck to a large wooden craft stick. Allow the kids to be creative and make up their own ideas about what each of the characters looked like; however, Samson must have a great deal of hair. After the puppets are completed, have the kids put on a puppet show, using their own words to retell the story.

Grass Hair

This craft requires that you plan ahead a little bit. One week, probably 3 to 4 weeks before the Samson lesson, have the kids plant some grass seed. Each child needs a foam cup filled with soil and some seed. Each week the kids can water the seeds until they sprout. The week of the Samson lesson the kids can then draw a face on the foam cup to represent Samson and his long hair.


Create collage pictures with your kids using other stories about Samson. One familiar story tells about how Samson got mad and killed men using only the jawbone of a donkey. There was also the story, and subsequent riddle, about how he found a dead lion on the side of the road. There was the time that Delilah cut his hair and the time he pushed the temple pillars over. To make the collage, cut out different elements of the story, including the background for the picture, such as a wheat field or forest. The kids can then take the different elements and put together their own pictures by gluing them onto card stock.

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