"101 Dalmatians" Activities for Preschoolers

Updated November 21, 2016

Many preschoolers find Disney's movie "101 Dalmatians," about a theft of the spotted black-and-white puppies, intriguing. When teaching a class full of preschool children, you can create "101 Dalmatians"-themed activities for the kids to participate in together. These activities help children build hand-to-eye coordination as well as social skills. Entice children to play along by awarding "101 Dalmatians" stickers and toys to activity winners.

Easy Activities

For an easy activity, print "101 Dalmatians" colouring pages and give one to each preschooler. Have them sit around a table to colour their sheets with markers and crayons. Or have the preschoolers use their imagination to draw their own pictures of "101 Dalmatians" freehand on large sheets of construction paper.

Plush Toy Circle Game

Have the preschoolers sit in a circle and hand one preschooler a plush "101 Dalmatians" toy. Play music and tell them to pass the toy around the circle. When the music stops, the player holding the plush toy is out of the game. Keep playing and eliminate the player holding the toy each round. The last player in the game wins the plush "101 Dalmatians" toy or another prize.

Dalmatian Mask Activities

Print several large pictures of one of the dalmatian's heads from the movie. Help the preschoolers cut out the head and the eyes. Poke two small holes on each side of the mask and tie an elastic string through both holes to create a Dalmatian mask they can wear. For a variation, allow them to make their own masks using tape, construction paper, markers and stickers.

Hunt Activities

Create a scavenger hunt with "101 Dalmatian" pictures. Hide the pictures all over the play area.The preschooler who finds the most pictures wins the activity. For an educational hunt, write letters or numbers on the pictures. Call out a letter or number and have the children hunt for that picture.

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