Victorian & Edwardian Bathrooms

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorating a home in a classic interior design such as the Victorian or Edwardian style allows you to explore history and search for authentic pieces to include in your rooms. The Victorian style is opulent with every inch of the room decorated lavishly. Victorian furnishings and accessories are dark, rich and vibrant. The Edwardian period followed the Victorian era and favoured lighter and brighter shades. Edwardian styles provide a cheerful interior decor for every room in the house, including the bathroom.


When decorating your bathroom, select a colour palette that best fits your chosen interior style. For a Victorian bathroom, choose shades of rich blue, deep red and gold to decorate the walls and accessories. Edwardian bathrooms favour pastel shades of pink, blue, yellow and pale green. Floral patterns are common in Edwardian style bathrooms while a Victorian style favours stripes.

Fixtures, Bathtubs and Vanities

A Victorian bathroom is large and lavishly decorated with claw foot tubs and pedestal vanities. Nickel fixtures adorn the sinks and bathtubs in the oversized Victorian bathroom. Furnishings in the Victorian style are elaborately carved and stained dark. An Edwardian bathroom is smaller, but full of the luxuries of the era. The bathtub-toilet area in an Edwardian bathroom is closed off from the rest of the room. The Edwardian bathroom features a hip bath, bathtub and shower. Choose wicker or rattan for furnishings in an Edwardian bathroom.


Choose gilded lighting fixtures for an Edwardian bathroom. Select fixtures with scrollwork and wrought iron for an elegant Edwardian decor In the Victorian bathroom, choose glass globes with intricate designs. Decorate Victorian lampshades with fringe and tassels in gold.


An Edwardian bathroom doesn't have the cluttered look of a Victorian room, but it does include luxurious appointments. The interior design features towel warmers and mosaic floors to decorate the room. The appearance is elegant and refined in an Edwardian bathroom. The Victorian decorating style leaves no surface without ornamentation. Choose lace covered wastebaskets and tissue boxes, vanity sets and decorated soap dishes for the Victorian style bathroom.

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