Scorpion Cake Ideas

A scorpion cake is a visually interesting idea for a pastry. This an ideal treat for a number of different events, such as a birthday party for a child into creepy-crawlies, a celebration for a retiring entomologist or a get together for a friend who is a Scorpio or collects insects.


Use a fake scorpion or two as decorative cake toppers. Shop in toy stores or order little plastic scorpions from Nature Pavilion or Alibaba. For added effect, create a habitat on the cake for the scorpion using other touches such as sand made of crumbled cake, rock made of Rice Krispie balls covered with fondant and small plastic cactuses. Or use a scorpion-shaped cookie cutter to cut scorpions out of fondant and place them atop the cake.


At the bakery you can have a scorpion image iced on your cake. Though pricier than making the cake yourself, the impressive end result is worth it. And you can choose any image you like: a picture of your son with his scorpion in its terrarium, a sketched outline of a scorpion, an encyclopedia page featuring various types of scorpions or a close-up of a scorpion sunning itself on a rock.


Make a three-dimensional scorpion cake, something even a novice baker can do. Bake cakes as usual, stack them with a layer of icing between each cake, then cut then into the shape of a scorpion. Find and print out a large, detailed picture to refer to while you work that clearly shows the head, pincers, tail and body. Then use coloured frosting, piping technique and black jelly beans for eyes to create a scorpion cake.


Get creative with words. For a Scorpio, place a little plastic scorpion on a corner of the cake, then use icing in a piping bag to write Scorpio characteristics onto the cake: loyal, jealous, passionate, unyielding, resourceful, observant and dynamic. For an entomologist, pipe on scorpion-related terms and definitions: "scorpling: a baby scorpion," "arboreal: tree dwelling," "chela: the front set of pincers" and "gravid: a pregnant female scorpion."

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