Craft Ideas on Simeon and Baby Jesus

Updated July 19, 2017

Luke 2:25-32 tells the story of a righteous man named Simeon. It is said that the Holy Spirit had promised Simeon that he would not die until he had seen the Messiah. Mary and Joseph brought baby Jesus to present Him at the temple, in accordance with Jewish law. The Holy Spirit directed Simeon to the temple to meet Jesus. He held the baby and declared that he had now seen the Savior and could die in peace. Use crafts to tell this important story to children.


Use puppet crafts to help tell the story of Simeon and baby Jesus. Provide brown paper lunch bags for the students. Have them create a puppet for each of the characters of the story--Simeon, Mary and Joseph. Create a small paper cutout of baby Jesus that can be taped into Mary's arms and moved into Simeon's arms.

Children can also create finger puppets by cutting the finger tips off of a knit winter glove. Use glue to attach google eyes, pieces of yarn for hair and felt scraps for clothing to the puppets. Make a stage by hanging a blanket over a table so the children can perform the story with the puppets while hiding behind the blanket.


Make costumes for imaginative play time as the children act out the story of Simeon and baby Jesus. Create clothing to resemble those worn in biblical times by repurposing old bath robes. Put fabric squares on top of the children's heads and tie a rope around the crown to emulate the head dresses likely worn at the time.

We know that Simeon was an old man, so it's likely he had a white beard. Make a beard shape out of card stock and let children add cotton balls to the shape. Poke a hole on either side and string an elastic band through the holes.

Flannel Graph

Let children help create the pieces of a flannel graph story of baby Jesus and Simeon. Provide sheets of felt, scissors, markers, beads and google eyes. Make each character in the story by drawing the figures on the flesh-coloured felt pieces and cut them out. Use other felt pieces for clothing. Add google eyes or beads to create eyes on the characters. Use yarn or embroidery thread for hair.

Create scenery out of felt. Make the interior of the temple as well as other items such as the turtledoves that Jesus' parents brought to the temple. Use the flannel graph pieces to tell the story of when Simeon meets the Messiah for the first time.

Puzzles and Magnets

Create a puzzle featuring a scene from the story. Use colouring pages of Simeon holding or looking at baby Jesus or have the students draw a picture. They can then colour the picture and glue it on card stock. Cut the pictures into several pieces to create a puzzle. You can also create a decorative magnet that depicts the scene. Have students draw a picture of Simeon and baby Jesus, colour it and attach a magnet to the back.

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