Organic Dog Food Suppliers

Updated November 21, 2016

Many dog owners are realising the health benefits of feeding an organic diet, such as fewer skin and coat problems, fewer allergies and better overall health. Finding organic foods for your canine companion is not difficult, as several online pet food suppliers carry different brands of organic dog food products. And although all organic dog foods are nutritious, not all organic dog foods are made from the same ingredients. Knowing where to find the different brands of organic dog food available can help you meet the nutritional needs of your dog.

Natura Pet

Natura Pet ( is an online pet food supplier that offers several major brands of organic dog food as well as treats. This organic dog food supplier specialise in providing pet owners with well known organic brands that meet all the nutritional needs of your dog as well as any special dietary limitations. Some brands of organic dog food they offer are holistic, grain-free and specially formulated for dogs with allergies, protein sensitivities and weight control.

Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store ( is also an online pet food supply store that offers a wide range of organic and natural pet foods of lesser-known brands. Natural Pet sells organic dry kibble brands, organic moist and wet canned dog food as well as organic raw recipe diets. They also offer special blends that include USDA turkey, canned food that supports the immune system and organic raw chicken necks.

Pet Food Direct

Pet Food Direct ( is an online supplier that offers both major and lesser-known brands of organic dog food. They have a wide range of organic treats, canned food, dry kibble and frozen meat diets for dogs and puppies. Some speciality items Pet Food Direct sells are frozen organic lamb steaks, chicken and beef. This supplier also offers organic vegetarian dog food as well.

Darwin's Natural Pet Products

Darwin's Natural Pet Products ( is an online raw pet food supplier that carries two types of organic raw dog food blend options: free range meats and human grade meats. All raw meat blends are composed of 70 per cent meat and 30 per cent veggies with chicken, duck, turkey, beef and buffalo as meat choices. All of Darwin's dog food products are free from pesticides and hormones and sold in 1 to 2 pound bags to prevent waste and food spoilage. Although these products are raw, this supplier does accept online delivery orders inside the United States.


If you prefer to shop locally and have trouble finding a store that sells organic dog food, consider making a request. Most pet food supply stores that carry regular brand pet foods will be happy to order organic pet foods upon request with their weekly or monthly orders if it is available from their supplier.

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