Knight & Dragon Craft Activities

Updated July 19, 2017

Knights and dragons are an age-old pair you can incorporate into your craft repertoire. Dragon and knight crafts can be tailored to fit any age group or according to skill level. For a party or classroom setting, have all of your craft supplies ready and assembled.

Activity Booklet

Make your own dragon-and-knight activity books with a series of colouring pages, puzzles and games. Colouring pages can be found online (many of which are free; see Resources), or you can design your own if you are artistically inclined. One idea is to staple the booklets together with sticker pages in between the activity sheets. Depending on the age of the kid, sticker pages coupled with captivating colouring pages, word scrambles, fill-in-the-blanks and connect-the-dot games, will keep him busy on a long car ride or rainy afternoon.

Diorama Craft

Make quick work of an old shoebox, craft supplies and some dragon-and-knight figurines and turn them into a diorama. Browse discount shops, toy stores and craft supply stores to find a dragon, a knight and a princess for the diorama. Paint the inside of the box with a green hilly landscape and a castle. Use bits of tissue paper, paper cutouts, beads and any other craft items you have on hand to decorate the box. When the paint dries, the kids can use the diorama and figurines to act out their own knight-and-dragon stories.

Paper Crafts

Draw knights and dragons on coloured construction paper and cut them out. Glue Popsicle sticks to the backside. Once dry, use the knights and dragons as puppets. Another idea is to create a knight-and-dragon scrapbook-style page. Use magazines, newspapers,and hand drawings combined with scrapbook embellishments to design the page. Include items like movie ticket stubs (from a student's favourite dragon movie), a knights armour (made with tinfoil) and dragon and knight stickers on a backdrop of dragon printed paper. Make fire for the dragon with strips of red, orange and yellow tissue paper.

Sewing Crafts

Create a cross-stitch design or make a knight-and-dragon-themed pillow. Craft and sewing supply stores often have printed fabric, so look for a dragon design and create a small pillow for your child's bed. Another idea is to sew knight and dragon puppets. Sew from a pattern (found online or in craft stores) or make your own designs from scratch or using old socks. Once you have a collection of puppets made, build a puppet theatre with an oversized cardboard box. Use the puppets and theatre to put on a puppet show.

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