Bible Activities for Jesus & the Woman of Samaria

According to the Bible, Jesus met a woman at Jacob's Well in the Samaritan city of Sychar. Jesus asked the woman for a drink, which struck her as unusual because Jews did not usually speak to Samaritans. The story, found in John 4:3-42, includes Jesus's conversation with the woman about living water, Jesus revealing what he knows about her life, his preaching to the Samaritans and their conversion.

Dramatised Story

Believers of any age enjoy dramatised stories. You can write a play about this encounter, The story could include biblical costuming and staging, or you can write the play with a more modern setting. In a modern setting, you might use cultures that don't get along together, such as rival gangs or different ethnic groups. Following the drama, you might engage viewers in some discussion about what "worshipping the Father in spirit and in truth" means.


Games provide an enjoyable way to learn Bible lessons. You could use elements of the story to act out for Bible charades. Topics to guess include well, preach, worship, living water and harvesting. Alternatively, you could create a spin board and guess the letters in your words until someone guesses the word or phrase. Phrases for this game could include "woman at the well," "I have no husband" or "he told me everything I've ever done." Children ages 8 and up can enjoy this activity.

Activity Pages

Children enjoy colouring pages and puzzles to accompany Bible stories. You can create crossword puzzles, cryptograms, fill-in-the-blank puzzles or word search puzzles for children. You can also find activities like these online. You could use the flash cards at Calvary Kids (see Resources) to encourage the students to retell the story.


Songwriters write songs about many Bible stories. Music offers a great opportunity for students to remember the truths of a story long after the lesson is over. You can encourage students to sing about the stories. Possible songs include "Jesus Met the Woman at the Well," "If You're Thirsty" or "Let Your Living Water Flow."


Children enjoy making crafts to accompany Bible stories. You can use juice concentrate can or yoghurt cups to make a well. Wrap brick contact paper around the can or paint the cans brown and have the students draw stone shapes on the brown paint with a permanent pen. You could also use clay and allow the students to create a well. Alternatively, you can use shoe boxes, construction paper and glue to create a woman at the well diorama.

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