Does a Sink Need to Match the Toilet?

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're building a bathroom from the ground up or renovating an existing bathroom, it's important to create a theme in the space that reflects your style preferences. While most traditional bathrooms have a matching sink, toilet and bathtub, modern design doesn't always follow this trend, but it's best for the sink and toilet colours to coordinate with one another.

Light Neutral Colors

If light shades of brown and tan are the main hues in your bathroom, choose subtle variations of these hues to keep the space uniform and pleasing to the eye. For example, choose a butter-tan toilet and golden-wheat sink to complement a light-cinnamon bathroom. Accent the modest neutral tones with metallics, such as bronze or gold faucet knobs and toilet flush handle.

Dark Neutral Colors

To keep the bathroom modern and sleek, choose two rich and dark neutral shades. This will add visual appeal to the bathroom without overwhelming the area with colour. For instance, a charcoal-grey traditional or basin sink will work against a white-marble countertop; you can bring out the black swirls in the counter with a black toilet.

Coordinating Warm Colors

Make your bathroom more inviting with a mixture of warm shades, such as a burnt-orange sink to go with a rust-red toilet. These colours work well with neutral hues in the warm section of the colour wheel such as cinnamon brown or a tan-like bronze. More pronounced colours, such as a magenta sink and toilet or hot-pink sink and peach-orange toilet, are best if the bathroom is a neutral cool shade, such as slate grey.

Coordinating Cool Colors

Combine two shades from the cool side of the colour wheel to make your toilet and sink stand out in an otherwise neutral bathroom. If the majority of the bathroom is medium or light grey, a lime green sink and turquoise toilet will become the space's most noticeable features. To wake up a black and white bathroom, deep hues like Kelly green and cobalt blue are make the sink and toilet especially appealing.

Warm and Cool Color Mixtures

If you've includef both cool and warm shades in your bathroom decor, choosing a warm-hued sink and a cool-coloured toilet (or vice versa) will make the bathroom look even more impressive. For instance, blue and brown look complement each other and are an ideal mixture of calm serenity and warm coziness. So, a robin's egg basin sink and a nutmeg toilet are visually appealing. You can further combine the colours by choosing light-blue faucet knobs for the sink and a brown flush handle and lid cover for the toilet.

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