8 Warning Signs That Your Man Is Having a Midlife Crisis

Some men in their forties and fifties experience an emotional crisis.Their women may be in menopause and their children grown up, no longer dependent on them as protectors or providers. These men may become depressed or feel inadequate. The women in their lives feel confused and hurt as their men become strangers. If you suspect your man is going through midlife crisis, there are a few telltale signs.

Changes in Appearance

A man whose idea of shopping is hitting a chain store once a year suddenly becomes fashion-conscious. He stands in front of the mirror a lot in clothes made for men half his age, looking for new muscles from a resurrected compulsion to work out at the gym. His hairstyle or hair colour may change.

Youthful Behavior

A man will revive old interests from years past and become involved in youthful things like contemporary music and younger people's hangouts. A homebody suddenly wants to go out and party. He masters the latest communication technology like texting and e-mail, especially if he is having an affair.


Another red flag to midlife crisis is a man's losing interest in the people in his life. A lack of sexual interest in his wife or partner can be signs of an affair, depression or feelings of insecurity about his sexual performance. A man may sleep more, eat less, seem despondent and obsess about death.

Lack of Interest in Family

A man loses interest in his family and the woman in his life and no longer has meaningful communication with them. He appears to be disconnected and distant.

Impulsive Decisions

A man in midlife crisis will make sudden life-changing decisions, usually without consulting his wife or partner. He may sell his house, quit his job, move or ask for a divorce. He talks about making big changes in his life like large purchases or new hobbies because he is unhappy inside. His changes seems to be for the sake of change, because of his restlessness and the feeling that he is running out of time.

Alcohol Consumption Increase

When a man starts drinking more heavily, he may be replaying his youth. Depression or stress can also lead to his increase in alcohol consumption.


A man may obsess about his youth and former loves and fantasise "what if" scenarios about past flames.


A man may develop a roving eye for women to compensate for a declining sense of virility, even though he has been faithful to his partner. A man experiencing midlife crisis is attracted to women who may be unlike his usual type, young and attractive. He is unfaithful to validate his masculinity. Another sign of an affair is a renewed interest in sex and unfamiliar positions with his wife or partner.

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