Built-in Wardrobe Space Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Built-in wardrobes provide a storage space for clothing, accessories and footwear all in one location. To make the most of the wardrobe storage, you must utilise the space efficiently. Closet organisers can help to keep your clothing and accessories neat. A well-organised wardrobe allows you to keep your clothing in good condition and find your favourite outfits quickly when you need them.

Shelves and Drawers

Storage shelves inside the wardrobe provide you with a spot to keep folded articles of clothing. Choose a shelf or drawer for each type of clothing to make finding your pieces easier. You can even swap the items you keep on the shelves with the hanging clothing according to the season. For example, store away your summer wardrobe in drawers during the winter months and hang your heavy sweaters and cold weather wardrobe.


Hanging shoe storage can store a great many accessories such as hair ties, scarves and cosmetics. Use the pouches to store smaller items and declutter the top of your dresser and bathroom shelves. Built-in wardrobes may also have small drawers for storing jewellery and accessories.

Vertical Space

To take advantage of all the space in your wardrobe, use the space right up to the top of the unit. Store items you don't wear often on the highest shelves, and keep your favourites within easy reach. The top shelves of the unit are a good place store extra linens, blankets and pillows.

Shoe Storage

Install cubbies in the built-in wardrobe to keep your shoes neat and organised. Piling shoes on the floor can make it difficult to find the ones you need. A single space for each pair of shoes is ideal in a built-in wardrobe large enough to accommodate it.

Floor Storage

Floor-to-ceiling built-in wardrobes provide you with floor space as well. While the floor is a common place to store shoes, consider using decorative hatboxes to keep your items neat and tucked away. The boxes are attractive and can be the ideal place to store lingerie or even hats.


Some built-in wardrobes are large and deep, which requires lighting to help you find your clothes. If the wardrobe does not have lighting, an electrician can help to install lighting fixtures as needed.

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