Natural alcohol alternatives

Updated April 17, 2017

Alcohol can be expensive, inadvisable or just not available. But whatever the reason, there are plenty of alternatives to every kind of alcohol, from rubbing alcohol to drinking alcohol. So whether you want a drink as you kick you feet up, or you want to give your kitchen the once-over, look no further than what nature has to offer.


There are various natural antiseptics that can stand in for rubbing alcohol. Try tea tree oil for use on your skin, but be sure to dilute concentrated tea tree oil with water, because it can be too strong for sensitive skin. Saline (salt) solution is an antiseptic, and can be used inside the mouth. Rosemary, sage and thyme are also antiseptics.

Household Cleaners

Alcohol can be used to clean everything from mirrors to walls to countertops. However, there are plenty of natural household cleanser alternatives. Try using a white-vinegar and baking soda combination, a lemon juice-water mixture or a commercial natural household cleanser brand such as Ecover or Seventh Generation. While alcohol can be good for cleaning glass or mirrors in particular, a white vinegar spray and a crumpled-up newspaper will do the trick equally well.


If you're looking for an alternative to drinking alcohol when relaxing in the evening, turn away from artificial over-the-counter drugs. A cup of chamomile tea will ease your tension. Try kava tea or valerian root for a stronger sedative effect. While alcohol can cause disturbed sleep as well as evening relaxation, a warm glass of milk will find you sleeping soundly all night long.

Party Drinks

There are fun, natural alternatives to alcohol when it comes to party drinks. While these alternatives won't get you drunk, they are an exciting option when you are trying to avoid alcohol. One great alternative is adding fresh berries to sparkling water, with a twist of lime and some ice. Another is creating an iced mocha with fresh whipped cream and a natural, organic cherry on top. Non-alcohol soda drinks are available at larger health food stores, made without corn syrup or food dyes.

Alcohol is a Natural Alternative

Natural alcohol itself can be an option for many purposes. Just make sure that you get the kind that really is natural, and not processed from fossil fuels. Everclear is a food-grade grain alcohol that is available and legal only in some places, but it can be used for anything from cleaning vinyl records and white boards to making herbal tinctures.

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