What Is TTY Mode on a Blackberry?

Updated February 21, 2017

A Text Telephone device, also known as a TTY, is a communication device for the deaf or hard of hearing that allows you to make telephone calls via a keyboard instead of a traditional telephone receiver and speaker. The BlackBerry smartphone includes a TTY mode that interfaces with a TTY device and sends data at 45.45 bits per second. The connection is made directly via a cable or an adaptor and the 2.5-mm headset jack on your TTY device.

TTY Mode

Placing your BlackBerry in TTY Mode allows you to type a message on a TTY device and then send it to your BlackBerry for transmitting to another party. The TTY connection requires a TTY device and a TTY cable or adaptor available directly from Research In Motion, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, as well as third-party manufactures and cellular telephone equipment resellers. The TTY device contains a keyboard and a display that lets you see the message you are sending. The receiving party must also have a TTY device in order to receive your message.

Turning on TTY Mode

Connect the TTY device to your BlackBerry according to the directions provided with the unit. Then activate the TTY mode on your BlackBerry by pressing the "Send" key on your BlackBerry's "Home" screen. Press the "Menu" key then click "Options." Click "TTY" and "Yes" in the "TTY Mode" field to turn the TTY on. Press the "Menu" key and click "Save" to finalise the setting.

TTY Mode Indicator

The wording "TTY" will appear in the device status section of your screen when the TTY Mode is set to "ON." The device status is at the bottom of your BlackBerry's screen.

Turning Off TTY Mode

When you are done using the TTY device and TTY mode, disconnect the device from your BlackBerry then press the "Send" key on your BlackBerry's "Home" screen. Press the "Menu" key then click "Options." Click "TTY and click "NO" in the "TTY Mode" field. Press the "Menu" key then click "Save" to finalise the setting. The wording "TTY" will disappear in the device status section of your screen.

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