My Acer Laptop is Plugged in & the Battery is Not Charging

Updated February 21, 2017

Acer laptops allow you to take your work and entertainment on the go. You can work on a presentation during a long flight or watch a DVD in the middle of a park. Acer laptops can do this because they are powered by batteries, allowing the laptop to run without having to be plugged into a power source. Normally, the battery can be recharged by plugging the laptop back into a power socket. But certain problems can keep the battery from charging.

Electrical Connection

For laptops to charge, they need to be connected to a power source. Although it may look like you have the cable plugged in correctly on the Acer, make sure that the cord is firmly plugged into the power socket. There should be a light on the Acer keyboard as well as a power symbol on the taskbar for your operating system that tells you whether the laptop is running off electrical or battery power. If it is plugged in, make sure that this icon shows that it is on electrical power. Also check the socket where the Acer is plugged in and make sure that it isn't turned off at the main circuit breaker.


Turn the Acer over and make sure that the battery is properly placed in the battery compartment. Most laptops will have locks that keep the battery securely in place. These locks can sometimes come loose. Use a piece of strong tape as a temporary measure to keep a loose battery in place.

Clean the terminals on the battery to ensure that there is a good connection. Remove the battery from the battery compartment. Apply rubbing alcohol to a lint-free cloth. Rub this cloth over the shiny metal terminals on the battery.

Over time, batteries lose their ability to be recharged. If neither of the aforementioned steps works, you may just have a bad battery. Check with Acer or other vendors to find a replacement for your model.

BIOS Update

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) controls a number of basic functions for a computer, such as assigning the hard drives and other system functions. The BIOS also controls the battery charging function. Certain Acer models have a bad BIOS that operates the computer normally but doesn't charge the battery. To solve this problem, you need to perform an operation called "Flashing the BIOS" where you download a new version of the BIOS and upload it to your Acer. Check on the Acer support site to see whether your computer model could possibly be affected by this.


The power adaptor, the part that plugs into the Acer from the power socket, can go bad. Check for a power light on the adaptor. If the light is not lit, you probably have a bad adaptor. Replacement adaptors can be purchased from Acer or other online vendors.

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