Ideas for Birthday Speeches

Updated April 17, 2017

When you know you will be giving a birthday speech, ensure you keep the attention of all party guests by reflecting on your life and its main points or events when developing material and pulling it together. Don't forget to prepare and practice comments ahead of the big day to make sure there is enough time in the party schedule to share them. Deliver your speech before or during your first or second drink of the night so that you correctly remember and convey all significant thoughts and sentiments.

Family Ties

Take time during your birthday speech to pay homage to a close relative or best friend with whom you've shared memorable moments or experiences. Craft one of those experiences into a short, colourful tale and express the fun time the two of you enjoyed. Sharing the details of this special moment with the entire party group shows your selected someone how much you care about her and appreciate her loyalty, friendship and love.

Sentimental Thanks

Honour your family and friends in attendance at the party by sharing a brief speech that reflects your appreciation for them in your life. Humorous sentiments, poems, greeting cards and Bible verses all offer various types of wording, phrases and language to convey your emotions and praise. If you have a favourite book or song, allow that text or those lyrics to also influence your speech.

Future Plans

Create a memorable speech by highlighting special plans that you have for the near and distant future. Make loved ones feel involved in your future as much as your past by stating you hope to see them at more parties. Focusing on career, education, homebuyer or personal growth goals are all applicable thematic options when determining appropriate material for a future plans speech. Don't forget to clarify how some of those in attendance helped to shape who you've become and who you hope to grow into in the years to come.

Humorous Endeavor

Keep party guests attending your soirées for years to come by giving a birthday speech that delivers joke after joke. If you're a naturally funny person, you can rely on your own wit and ability to observe daily situations, conditions and circumstances to come up with material. If being funny isn't your innate tendency, head to a local book store and borrow a few good jokes from a book. Humorous greeting cards also offer a wide array of funny commentary. Some humour writers, like David Sedaris, have made a career out of writing personal narrative essays. When you're interested in crafting a brief anecdote based on real life, reading this type of work proves helpful.

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