Slanted ceiling ideas

If your home features a room directly below its roof or in a converted attic space, you may find yourself with a slanted ceiling. While such a ceiling adds an interesting look to a room, finding a way to incorporate it into the design scheme can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat your slanted ceilings so they no longer seem like a decorating liability and actually become an asset for the room.


For an easy makeover in any room, paint is usually the go-to option. However, when painting a slanted ceiling, you should choose the colour carefully. Painting the slanted portions the same light shade as the walls creates a seamless look that can help make the room feel taller and larger than it is. A neutral tone is a good option because it complements a variety of accent shades. You may also opt to use one colour on the walls and a second on the ceiling to create a line of distinction between the two spaces. However, if you truly want to accent your slanted ceiling, opt for three paint shades. Paint the walls one colour, the slanted ceiling wall a second and the rest of the ceiling a third shade. This type of colour scheme highlights the slanted portion of the room, which can be an unusual architectural detail that gives the room character. Avoid using three very dark or bright colours, however, because you may overwhelm the space.


If you prefer to add pattern to the room, select wallpaper for your slanted ceilings. Let the size of the space determine how large a print to use. In a smaller room that has a narrow area between the slanted portions, a large print may be too busy. However, in a large room with a wide aisle between the slanted areas, a small, delicate print may appear too subtle. Choose a paint shade for the rest of the walls that complements the colours in the wallpaper's print. If your wallpaper features a bright colour palette, though, you may want to balance it with a neutral tone on the walls.

Wall Decals

One of the easiest ways to dress up a slanted ceiling is to apply peel-and-stick wall decals. These decals are made of vinyl and come in a wide range of shapes, images and patterns. They are an ideal option for adding a bit of whimsy to a child's bedroom since you can decorate with sea horses, fish and crabs to create an underwater theme, or add birds, flowers and clouds to create a garden scene. Not only are wall decals easy to apply on a slanted ceiling, but you also can change them whenever the mood strikes by simply peeling them off and replacing them with a new set.


Hanging framed artwork on a slanted ceiling may seem impossible, but it can be just the decorative touch that a room needs. You simply need a little creativity to get the job accomplished. Instead of traditional frames, opt for gallery style rails and a frameless glass covering. Place the artwork inside the glass covering, and slide it into place between the top and bottom rails to secure it.

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