What Pillows Go With a Brown Couch?

Updated February 21, 2017

Even though brown is a basic, neutral colour, furniture in this hue doesn't have to look bland and boring. You can make your brown sofa appear contemporary or glamorous by adding throw pillows in a variety of colours and materials that fit your cottage, simple country, or modern and eclectic style. Accessories are the finishing touch on a great living room or den.


There are a myriad of colours that make a brown couch appear vibrant and wake up the sofa's hue. For instance, chocolate or mocha brown furniture looks great with vibrant, cool-coloured pillows like lime green or aqua blue. Since brown is a warm shade, the cool hues provide balance, making the couch look brighter while lessening the intensity of the blue or green throw pillows.

Warm hues are also ideal for a brown couch, and are especially complementary to lighter browns like medium tan or honey. Burnt orange or cranberry red throw pillows add sophisticated colour to the space and intensify the shade of the sofa.


Sleek and elegant patterns, like thin tan stripes on slate grey pillows, add an understated break in colour to a nutmeg-coloured sofa. If you have a more outgoing decorative style, ethnic Moroccan or Native American multicoloured prints on pillows can make your greyish brown sofa stand out. Modern but simple designs like yellow throw pillows with wide light and dark stripes add subtle brightness to an amber brown sofa. Or, you can choose customised pillows for the couch, like throw pillows each embroidered with your family member's initials, or kitchy pillows that feature shapes of stars or fruit to match your child's bedroom decor.


Materials like tweed and thick cotton are ideal for throw pillows that are meant to display rustic cottage or country-style decor. For instance, grey or robin's egg tweed with flecks of white and black can make an earth-brown couch more noticeable. Velvet or suede couch pillows are a formal addition to a living room; selecting pillows in jewel tones like emerald green or ruby red, as well as gold or bronze, can complement a more traditional room .

Pillow Mixtures

Mixing patterned and solid-toned throw pillows, as well as pillows of different sizes, can make the sofa more visually appealing. Striped and polka-dotted pillows in a mixture of warm and cool colours like orange and blue or red and green are ideal for a dark tan sofa. Couches in a ginger tone look great with pillows of varying sizes in metallic shades like platinum, gold and copper. Pillows of different textures added to a room brings a cosy feeling.

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