Animals That Live in Tundra Biome for Kids

Written by drew lichtenstein
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Animals That Live in Tundra Biome for Kids
Despite their seemingly inhospitable nature, the tundra is home to several different species of animals. ( Images)

The tundra is a biome that is defined by its extremely long and cold winters; the two largest tundras are in the Arctic and on the top of various mountains (known as an alpine tundra). Additionally, there is little vegetation in a tundra. However, despite these extreme conditions, several animals known even to kids live in tundras.


One animal that kids would immediately recognise from the tundra is reindeer (also known as caribou). Reindeer are famous for their giant antlers, which can grown to be over four feet long. Reindeer are mainly found in tundras in North America and Greenland, and they survive by eating lichen (a fungus), one of the few types of vegetation that can survive in the tundra. Reindeer have been domesticated by people who live in the tundra, and they are used for both transportation and food.


Wolves (specifically the grey wolf) are a native predator to the tundra, though they have nearly gone extinct. Wolves live and hunt together in packs, with a single wolf leading them (called the "alpha male"). A male grey wolf can grow to be up to six-feet long and weigh over 45.4 Kilogram. Depending on the environment, a wolf's fur changes colours; in the winter, their coat becomes darker. Wolves are nearly genetically identical to domesticated dogs.

Polar Bears

Polar bears are found in the extreme north of the arctic tundra, in areas where the temperature can dip below zero. Besides their eyes, lips and nose, the entirety of a polar bear is white. A male polar bear can grow to be over 454 Kilogram and ten feet tall. Polar bears generally live and hunt where the ice meets the open water; seals are the primary food source for polar bears as there is almost no vegetation where polar bears live.


Lemmings are small rodents, similar in size and appearance to mice. They live in the tundra and subsists on what little vegetation they can find. Lemmings have brown coats in the summer and white fur in the winter. They have the ability to burrow deep in to the ground, and they can also swim. Lemmings are important to the tundra's food chain because they are a common food source for predators, including wolves.

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